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My Parents Favourite Music
My Parents Favourite Music


TLEinC. ICE UAB Teacher trainers group work, 2014.
TLEinC. ICE UAB Teacher trainers group work, 2014.


4 de novembre de 2014

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Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Exercitació lingüística


This is a project about the music the students’ parents and/or grandparents listen to.

The students will develop a full project contrasting and comparing different issues: culture, lyrics, bands, singers, traditions, dancing styles, places to dance, performances, type of music... Within the project they will do a survey among their parents or grandparents, they will collect and present the information and they will do a little research about the past.

We will offer different possibilities for the final task: work the lyrics out, perform the dancing style of each music or song, create a mix-song file (revival), do a show and tell, desig an LP cover or “jacket”, a display or an exhibition...

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