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The Restaurant: acting out!


Imma Piquer i Marta Boada
Imma Piquer i Marta Boada
Natàlia Maldonado


17 de març de 2020

COM [2] ANG [1]

EI.3-6 [2] EP.CI [1]

Comunicació oral Jocs


From a real activity, going to a restaurant, children will practice some vocabulary, as well as useful expressions, by performing a very familiar activity in the English classroom. The role-play activity proposed will provide every child with the opportunity to play three roles: costumer, waiter and cook and improve communicative skills. In order to give more realism, as well as cultural awareness to our proposal, we encourage English teachers to use: toy food, toy drinks, dinner sets, menus and so on to perform the role-play in English.

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