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St Patrick's Day


Montse Irun, Ia Llavall i Elisenda Rosich
Montse Irun, Ia Llavall i Elisenda Rosich
Montserrat Irun


22 de març de 2013

ANG [6]

BTX.1 [3] ESO.4 [3]

Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral


This unit develops students’ written and oral comprehension and production in English while they learn about St Patrick’s life and celebration. The unit is divided into 4 different parts but with the same objective: to design an article or a digital poster for the school magazine. First, students show their previous knowledge on St Patrick through a word cloud and some images. Then a video is watched and a text is read collaboratively to get to know St Patrick’s celebration. In the third part of the unit, students reflect on the structure and expression of the written text so that they can use it as a model. Finally, students search information on a patron from England, Wales or Scotland and design the article or the digital poster.

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