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Energy world: electricity around us


Judit Jávega Meneses
Judit Jávega Meneses
Núria Carrillo Monsó


17 de març de 2020

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This project is a CLIL teaching unit for students in the upper cycle of primary education.
Its objectives and content are a part of the upper cycle Primary Science Curriculum and it aims to develop students’ basic competences.
In this project students can relate to it through their personal lives and experiences; they need electricity in most of the actions they do every day. They may be interested in the impact this has on the environment or in what would happen if they had to live without electricity.

This material was developed by Judit Jávega Meneses in a paid study leave of the Catalan Department of Education, run by Norwich Institute for Language Education in the 2008-2009 academic year.

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