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Introduction to Science


Lluïsa Sánchez Sanchidrian & Lourdes gallifa Boyra
Lluïsa Sánchez Sanchidrian & Lourdes gallifa Boyra
Núria Carrillo Monsó


4 de novembre de 2013

ANG [3]

ESO.1 [3]



This project is designed to be developed in 1st of ESO.
It is a Science unit focusing on how Science works using a CLIL approach in English.
Students will learn that science means measuring, that some instruments are needed to make fair experiments, that the scientific method is how scientists work and think. And also, the importance of following safety rules in labs.

This material was developed by Lluïsa Sánchez Sanchidrian and Lourdes Gallifa Boyra in a paid study leave of the Catalan Department of Education, run by the University of Nottingham in the 2006-2007 academic year.

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