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Solving Problems through Fractions


Neus Diumenge
Neus Diumenge
Natàlia Maldonado


4 d'abril de 2014

MAT [2] ANG [3]

ESO.2 [1] ESO.3 [4]



This is a Maths unit designed to be developed in 3rd of ESO.
The objectives of this CLIL Mths project are to identify, solve and create problems that deal with the concept of rational numbers, to understand instructions of a simple question or a real or abstract problem and to realise that there are non-rational numbers.
They will also apply operations to solve problems and they will talk about different strategies that can be applied.

This material was developed by Neus Diumenge Belenguer in a paid study leave of the Catalan Department of Education, run by the University of Aberdeen in the 2009-2010 academic year.

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