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Bárbara Girós Gothardt
Bárbara Girós Gothardt
Roser Martínez


25 de setembre de 2013

ANG [3]

ESO.4 [3]



This project has been designed for students of 4th ESO. But it may be used and adapted for other groups, too; for example it may be of some use for the design and preparation of a ‘Crèdit Variable’ or even an ‘Optativa de Batxillerat’.
The contents are based on P.E. but the topics covered in each unit do also include other aspects related to subjects such as Ethics, Philosophy, Geography and History. The contents are not part of the compulsory PE syllabus; they are a free interpretation of it. They are just a proposal for teachers and an invitation to take and reuse them in any way.

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