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Forgotten film: from Beginnings to “Talkies”


Rosa Ma Andrés Blanch
Rosa Ma Andrés Blanch
Núria Carrillo Monsó


27 de gener de 2020

ANG [3] EVIP [1]

ESO.4 [4]



This project is designed to be developed in 4th of ESO.
It is a Cross-Curricular unit focusing on the origins of the film, the language of film and film techniques.
Forgotten film: From Beginnings to “Talkies” is not a workshop and students are not going to record or edit films. Instead, they are going to talk about film, read films, watch films, and enjoy films.

This material was developed by Rosa Ma Andrés Blanch in a paid study leave of the Catalan Department of Education, run by Norwich Institute for Language Education in the 2010-2011 academic year.

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