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Growing up
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Mercè Moral Vinyoles  i Àngels Omoijuanfo Piñol
Mercè Moral Vinyoles i Àngels Omoijuanfo Piñol
Joe Planas


4 de setembre de 2014

ÀMBI [1] ANG [3]


Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Eines TIC


Talking about the past is a way of understanding where we come from. In class, we often talk about our past experiences to share something about ourselves. On the other hand, talking about the future helps us understand where we are going.
Therefore we expect our students to create a digital poster with pictures, personal information and a video in which they can show their classmates the different stages in life and how things have changed throughout the years.
Working in groups will be a must, since this is the best way of sharing and benefit from each other. In this unit, the students will have a chance of improving their speaking and listening skills regarding the simple past.

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