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Our theatre play!


Núria Niubó Vallverdú i Gemma Saladrigues Roselló
Núria Niubó Vallverdú i Gemma Saladrigues Roselló
Gemma Saladrigues


7 de setembre de 2015

ANG [3]

ESO.4 [3]

Comunicació oral Literatura


This unit of work is called “Our theatre play!”. It is designed for students of 4th ESO and it deals with the topic of adapting a literature book into a theatre play. The students are going to discover about the literature author Edgar Allan Poe, read his book The fall of the house of Usher, identify the characteristics of drama, adapt the book into a theatre play, design the scenery and perform the theatre adaptation in front of the school community. There are different key competences worked through the unit of work, as well as the use of different sources and tools. All the project will be assessed with rubrics.

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