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10 Passes Game
Autora: Meritxell Urbiola


Meritxell Urbiola
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16 de desembre de 2015

EF [1]

ESO.1 [1]



In this game the members of the different teams have to pass and catch the ball among them. If one team can do 10 passes and the ball doesn’t touch the floor, the team wins a point. When the ball falls down and touches the floor, the team that didn’t have the ball will play.
The aim of the task is that the children improve the passing and the reception skills, their coordination and that they learn how to create spaces in order to be free to receive the ball. That’s a cooperative task, because everybody has to say sentences in English to win points and as a result win the game.
This activity is the result of a collaborative group research with the purpose to improve the teaching in PE and the motor skills activities in a CLIL context.

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