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Raquel Feliu Ayala
Raquel Feliu Ayala
Raquel Feliu


13 de juliol de 2016

ANG [5]

ESO.3 [5]

Comunicació escrita Literatura Raonament i argumentació Resolució de problemes


The purpose of this writing portfolio is to provide 3rd of CSE students with a vicarious project involving writing skills, a review of grammar areas described in the Curriculum, various learning styles activities as well as emotional competences (EI) exploration. Students will read and write in an engaging way following some prompts while they delve into their own identity through several writing tasks. L.E. Solomon, who wrote "Readin’, Writin’ & Scrappin’” quoted “literature becomes personal when learners realize there are themes that can relate to their own life.” Given this principle, the final product is a scrapbook layout combining images and excerpts from the students’ essays; a place to let their creativity go wild.

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