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Colours and feelings in Art


Rosa M. Navas
Rosa M. Navas
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17 de març de 2020

ANG [1] ART [2]

EP.CS [3]

AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Comunicació oral Exercitació lingüística Gestió d'informació Raonament i argumentació


Do you think your creations in the Art class are the same when you are happy than when you have personal or health problems? Have you ever thought that you choose one colour or another according to your mood? It’s common to relate some colours to feelings... This project will provide you with some ideas to work into the relation between colours and feelings in Art. Through two famous painters’ work, we’re going to learn how mood can influence our art. Finally, students will change the colour of the school's corridor according to their mood but... using their Art work!

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