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Let's sell local products abroad


Tere Melich Borràs i Teresa Castelló Bou
Tere Melich Borràs i Teresa Castelló Bou
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5 de desembre de 2019

ANG [3]

ESO.3 [3]

AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Comunicació oral Eines TIC Experimentació Projectes de centre


La Terra Alta county is a rural area far from big cities and industries. Its main activity is agriculture and farmers get their income from selling their own products such as wine, olive oil, almonds, fruit, vegetables, olives...There is the need to improve the economy of this region. The students’ task will consist on thinking about the best ways of selling local products to other countries and the necessary steps to advertise them. The final product will be the design of a catalogue that offers local products for the school cooperative with information, pictures, and buying condition terms.

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