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Elements of Art in motion
Sara Salip i Vilanova


Raquel Feliu Ayala i Sara Salip Vilanova
Raquel Feliu Ayala i Sara Salip Vilanova
Raquel Feliu


28 de novembre de 2019

ANG [2]

ESO.1 [2]

AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Indagació i recerca Material manipulable


Elements of art in motion focuses on task-based activities and cooperative work in line with the 1st of ESO curriculum on colour.
Learners become fashion designers and they are encouraged to negotiate and develop some fashion designs for a fashion collection and defend it in front of their peers. They will need to choose a season, consider the storyboard for the designs and apply the elements of art effectively to meet the purpose of the group’s collection.

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