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Park Güell, Tourists and Statistics
Imatge-Park Güell, tourists and statistics


Sandra Martí Lozano
Sandra Martí Lozano
Úrsula Jurado Moreno


17 de març de 2020

ANG [4] MAT [2]

EP.CS [3] ESO.1 [3]

AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Comunicació oral Gestió d'informació Indagació i recerca Taules i gràfics


This unit is an invitation to study statistic taking advantage of hundreds of tourists that visit Park Güell every day. Our school is a very special one since it is placed inside the Park Güell of Barcelona. This park is visited by many international tourists everyday. The organization of the park provides them with leaflets containing some important information about the rules, regulations and interesting monuments. We have been asked to help them to create the new leaflets. To do so, we will focus not only on the information, we also need to know the number of leaflets required, as well as the nationality of the visitors. Would you children help them with this challenge? This project is a result of a GEP2 programme.

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