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Risks of the Internet
imatge-risks of the Internet


Nuria Garrido Bermejo.
Nuria Garrido Bermejo.
Úrsula Jurado Moreno


13 de juny de 2022

MEDI [1] ANG [2]

EP.CS [3]

AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Eines TIC Exercitació lingüística Projectes de centre


This unit is an invitation to take part in a research about different risks that anyone could find when using the internet. Students will learn some advises to spot different internet risks while creating a useful tool for other students to understand these risks and advise peers on how to spot them and answer to the following question: “How can our class teach fifth graders about the risks of the Internet?” This project includes 10 activities that are a result of GEP2 programme.

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