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Do we move the earth when we run?
Do we move the earth when we run?_imatge


Florenci Sales Vilalta
Florenci Sales Vilalta
Úrsula Jurado Moreno


23 de març de 2020

ANG [1] FIS [1]

BTX.1 [2]

AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Comunicació oral Eines TIC


Many students have problems with scientific subjects as they do not often see practical applications of what they study. On the other end, Physical Education is often seen as a completely practical subject, without being aware that some basic Physics laws can optimize our effort. Therefore, the project tries to engage the students in practical activities about the Forces in Trail Running to answer to the question is: Do we move the earth when we run? This project is a result of a GEP2 programme.

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