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A Unique Tour: Fascinating buildings around the world!


Maria Josep Martínez Garrote
Maria Josep Martínez Garrote
Maria Josep Martínez


5 de desembre de 2019

ANG [1]

EP.CS [1]

AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral


This is a CLIL unit designed to be developed in the Art class by pupils from 5th- 6th grade of Primary Education.
This proposal is divided into four blocks:
The first one is an introduction to observe different types of fascinating buildings in the world; classify kinds of buildings; name the different parts of a building; and identify the materials and shapes some amazing buildings are made of.
The second one requires students to recall the information learned by interacting and completing a jigsaw reading, a pair dictation and a reading comprehension in a digital forum.
The third one is a project in collaborative groups. Finally, they make a display in the school corridors and present their fascinating buildings in a public exhibition.

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