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Let’s be healthy! Deciding our school menu


Verònica Morante, Marta Saballs i Lorena Trujillo
Verònica Morante, Marta Saballs i Lorena Trujillo
Elisa Garrigosa


16 de desembre de 2019

MEDI [1] ANG [1]

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The present project fosters an important social awareness of our society, as it is being healthy and having correct nutrition habits in childhood.To introduce the project to our students we read them a letter written by the nutritionist of the Palamós Hospital, sharing their concerns about the bad habits of the childhood related to healthy life and diets.In order to provide an enriched solution to the nutritionist, we will be able to design a healthy food menu for the school canteen taking into account his considerations and all the knowledge acquired during the project.This project is a result of GEP2 programme.

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