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In the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh


Sandra Coromina Chacón & Yasmina Abdela Feixas.
Sandra Coromina Chacón & Yasmina Abdela Feixas.
Elisa Garrigosa


13 de desembre de 2019

ANG [1] ART [1]

EP.CS [2]



Have you ever thought about expressing your feelings without talking? Students will be introduced in the art world through a scene of the movie “La gran belleza” where art and emotions are involved. The video will be watched the afternoon before opening the project. Students will debate about “how paintings help us to express our feelings?” In the project we will see Vincent Van Gogh’s trajectory, in order to become an artist. They will have to deal with their own feelings and emotions and they will have to look for inspiration to create their own paintings. This project is a result of GEP2 programme.

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