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How can we improve the healthy habits of our community?


Eva Salvador Terrones and Jordi Solé Virumbrales.
Eva Salvador Terrones and Jordi Solé Virumbrales.
Elisa Garrigosa


16 de desembre de 2019

ANG [2] EF [2] TEC [1]

BTX.1 [2] ESO.1 [3]



The project will be carried out by two groups (1st ESO and 1st Batxillerat). At first the two groups will work separately (1st ESO will learn about infographics and 1st Batxillerat will learn about healthy habits). In the fifth session they will work together, 1st ESO learning about healthy habits from 1st Batxillerat. After this the two groups will work separately; 1st ESO will do an infographics about healthy habits and 1st Batxillerat will do research on the internet about international programs that promote healthy habits. On the final day of the project, both groups will participate in the high school’s English Day, showing the results of their work through Healthy Habits day.This project is a result of GEP2 programme.

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