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How can we make our school less noisy?


Magda Moliné Gallart and Jordi Beneito Sendra.
Magda Moliné Gallart and Jordi Beneito Sendra.
Elisa Garrigosa


19 de desembre de 2019

ANG [1] FIS [1]

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Students have been encouraged to find solutions to the endemic problems in our school. One of these problems is noise, and this noise is basically due to the big number of students in each group, the concentration of classes in quite a small school and poor insulation in the rooms. In an attempt to improve the school environment, the students are going to develop a project that will consist on determining the level of noise in each classroom, doing some research on which materials can be used to insulate all the school rooms and then write a budget and write a formal report, which will show the conclusions of their research. This project is a result of GEP2 programme.

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