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The warm-up


Ramon Condon Calvet.Sílvia López Romero.
Ramon Condon Calvet.Sílvia López Romero.
Elisa Garrigosa


19 de desembre de 2019

EF [1] ANG [1]

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Sports games are an important part of a children’s life. Games are and should be a basic content in school education. Sports games promote very important values as teamwork, co-operation, fair play, healthy habits and sportsmanship. Moreover, playing physical games is a good way to encourage our students to keep them healthy and fit. Besides all these benefits, our idea is to take advantage of the PBL project to connect sports games with warm-up. Just a few minutes warming-up make the difference for a great workout and avoid injuries. So let our students discover about warm-up and have fun playing their invented games. This project is a result of GEP2 project.

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