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Is the air we breathe healthy enough? Fossil fuels and their impact on the environment


Montse Bascuñana, Ester Gasset, Sonia Sierra.
Montse Bascuñana, Ester Gasset, Sonia Sierra.
Elisa Garrigosa


22 de gener de 2020

ANG [1] TEC [1]

ESO.3 [2]



The topic of our project is part of the curriculum of Technology in 3rd ESO. It is included in the unit Combustion engines. It is also cross-curricular since environmental issues comprehend Science as well as Humanity. Students will publicise and raise awareness about the problems of fossil fuels and the benefits of alternatives, using different supports such as posters to be hung in the car park of the school, an article for a newspaper, or a video advertising spot in the school web. This project is a result of GEP2 project.

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