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Together to be friends


Laura Ruiz Romero, Miguel Ángel Cánovas.
Laura Ruiz Romero, Miguel Ángel Cánovas.
Elisa Garrigosa


28 de gener de 2020

MEDI [1] ANG [1]

EP.CS [2]



This is an oficial eTwining exchange programme with another European school in Brzeszcze, Poland. In the first part, both Polish and Catalan children researched some relevant information about the other school’s country. Following different resources and methodologies, they created some presentations (using various ICT tools) showing several aspects from the Polish culture and sent them to Poland. Both could learnt a little bit more about our friends’ country. Having received their works, it’s time to share them with the children and see which idea our Polish friends have about our country. Our children will explain their friends more concrete aspects about our ways of living. This project is a result of a GEP2 programme.

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