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Making quadratic function approachable


Patricia Tena Zaforas and Andrea Esteve Recatalà
Patricia Tena Zaforas and Andrea Esteve Recatalà
Elisa Garrigosa


8 de juliol de 2020

ANG [1] MAT [1]

ESO.4 [2]



Creating a full view of what a quadratic function means having a huge support from the teachers involved. We acknowledge that the students might find the quadratic function and its features quite tough. However, with this project, our objective is making it so approachable and fun for the students so that they remember it as something to be understood and applied relatively easily. In order to do that, several dynamics covered in GEP sessions ranging from “Grouping” to “Assessment” through giving “Input” will be implemented. Sessions will be definitely carried out in English as a vehicular language. Therefore, some language support is undeniably needed.

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