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Júlia Agüero Manzanas
Júlia Agüero Manzanas
Elisa Garrigosa


8 de juliol de 2020

EF [1] ANG [1]

ESO.4 [2]



In this project, four sportspeople are introduced as a warm-up oral activity. In groups of 3-4, students will read about one of the biographies as a running dictation-fill-in chart. Each group will fill in a file with the information of the biography. When the group has all the information they need in their file, they start writing the biography. The teacher will be going around all the groups to help them. Later in their groups, students will finish writing the biography and revise it. Then, the groups will assess the biographies of the rest of the groups. Finally, each group will read their biography aloud to the rest of the class. This project is a result of a GEP1 programme.

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