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The little Prince visits the Earth


Maribel Lirio Barajas and Laura López González
Maribel Lirio Barajas and Laura López González
Elisa Garrigosa


10 de juliol de 2020

MEDI [1] ANG [1]

EP.CS [2]



We will watch a video message sent to us by the Little Prince in which he asks us for help to learn things about our planet, the Earth. After watching the video the students will work in groups to get information about different topics of the Earth (situation in the solar system, organization of the planet, rotation of the Earth, its continents and the importance of the caring for the environment) to be able to explain it to the Little Prince. Later, we will consolidate the learning and make a self-assessment about the knowledge of the Earth in groups. This project is a result of a GEP1 programme.

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