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Maria Codina
Maria Codina
Elisa Garrigosa


17 de novembre de 2021

ANG [1] ART [1]

EP.CS [2]



They are going to learn how to draw a face in an active way (by working in small groups (watching different videos and writing the main ideas), reading what they have agreed in small groups, writing a rubric in order to help them to revise what they do), drawing a face individually (following the accorded steps) and all these bearing in mind the assessment (both teacher and student- initial evaluation (the drawing of a face), and final evaluation (talking about the final results in a video (all together) and answering to the rubric written for all the students (self-assessment)) / students- co-evaluation (observing and assessing the drawings of other students) .This project is a result of a GEP1 programme.

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