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The Universe


Núria Martínez Magrí
Núria Martínez Magrí
Elisa Garrigosa


15 d'octubre de 2020

BG [1] ANG [1]

ESO.1 [2]



Children are introduced to the components and the main vocabulary about the Universe. Children will be guided to understand the Moon phases in a manipulative way. The students have visited the planetarium in CosmoCaixa where they have been introduced to the dark energy and dark matter. This session approaches this experience and helps them to understand this abstract concepts better. The planned activities increase their reading and writing while they are also learning contents. Finally, they prepared a final project on a Solar System exhibition with a real scale in the town, Balaguer. It includes a vocabulary revision; an evaluation activity and co-evalution to see how the teams have worked. This project is a result of a GEP1 project.

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