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Discovering the Dream Universe of Salvador Dalí!
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Maria Josep Martínez Garrote
Maria Josep Martínez Garrote
Maria Josep Martínez


2 de juliol de 2020

ANG [4] ART [1]

EP.CS [5]



This proposal is divided into 6 blocks:
The first one is an introduction to guess the topic in a suggestive atmosphere. The second one is crucial to detect their previous knowledge (Art and Dalí’s biography) by a digital forum. The third one is a synopsis of the artist’s life by interacting and using motivating activities.
Afterwards, it analyses the most relevant Dalinian symbols and its meanings. In addition, it suggests a creative project “Our original Dalictionary!” in collaborative groups to express their emotions in the context of Surrealism and to share them in a public exhibition. Finally, pupils have to prepare a kahoot in cooperative groups as a final assessment.

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