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Sara Cuesta Yuste and Rubén Vargas Quiñones
Sara Cuesta Yuste and Rubén Vargas Quiñones
Àlex Tomico


1 de març de 2022

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Throughout history people have invented machines to make work easier. Nowadays many machines are complex. They have many parts and use either electricity or combustion to work. The first machines, however, were simple machines with one or two parts, for example the wheel and axle. They used energy from people or animals to do work. We still use many simple machines today. These can be divided into basic types. By the end of this project, students will have faced a challenge and will be able to describe their machinery and how they work. In groups, we will create different kinds of simple machines and we will display them in the hall of our school to make it visible to our educational community. This project is a result of a GEP2 programme.

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