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Home Sweet Home


Marta Massó and Marta Ramió
Marta Massó and Marta Ramió
Àlex Tomico


1 de març de 2022

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This project is set within the School Ground Project “Let’s grow some greener spaces in our school ground”. The project provides 8 blocks of contents and activities in English for 6th graders. One of the aims of this project is to bring students closer to nature. They will be in charge of installing hotels of pollinating insects to attract the local fauna. Moreover, students will also plant trees and bushes with flowers and fruit, to attract birds and butterflies. The mission of this project is to help our autochthonous flora and fauna, especially our school vegetable gardens. The 6th grade students will be in charge of spreading this work to the students of lower levels. This project is a result of a GEP 2 programme.

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