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Irradiating science


Marta Pérez, Anna Relats and Adela Llorens
Marta Pérez, Anna Relats and Adela Llorens
Àlex Tomico


1 de març de 2022

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Radio L’Ametlla is broadcasting again. Our Town Hall, in collaboration with Serveis de Joventut, is offering students in INS Eugeni Xammar the possibility to participate in Radio L’Ametlla. Due to the CoVID-19 situation that is keeping people locked at home, we are eager to participate and be able to share what we are doing in High School thus bringing the school outside the classroom. Our Proposal is that the students create different podcasts or different “SCIENTIFIC PILLS” about any topics they feel like or they consider might interest their friends, family or neighbours. Being teachers can be challenging, especially when you are teaching Science to people locked down in their homes.This project is a result of a GEP 2 programme.

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