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Save Gall Fer
Gall Fer


Judith Montes, Gemma Cònsol and Maria Navarro
Judith Montes, Gemma Cònsol and Maria Navarro
Àlex Tomico


1 de març de 2022

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Our world is an amazing place to live. Every single plant, every single butterfly, from bacteria to elephants, they are all connected like a chain. Gradually the development of technology and the desire to live in extreme, without taking care about the environment and endangered species such as Gall Fer. We’ve always thought that this would never happen to us, -endangered species are far away from our home!- we say. This is not true, the Gall Fer is just around the corner. In this unit we will learn more about our neighbour Gall Fer, its habitat, diet and way of life. We will finally create an infographic with all this information and some actions and advices to protect this endangered specie. This project is a result of a GEP2 programme.

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