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Creating a virtual exhibition
Creating a virtual exhibition


Albert Sanz and M. Rosa Martínez
Albert Sanz and M. Rosa Martínez
Àlex Tomico


4 de març de 2022

ANG [1] ART [1]

EP.CS [2]



We start our project explaining to our students that we usually work with different artists in Art. This time, we want to learn about four different art expressions: photography, painting, collage and sculpture. After learning about four artists, we would like them to choose which artistic expression they prefer and create an artwork. Usually, our families don’t see our artworks until we finish and bring them home and it's difficult to show them to our classmates from other classes because we don’t have corridors. We ask our students if they would like to show and explain their artwork in an art exhibition. But how can we do it with the actual situation? Can we create a virtual exhibition? How? This project is a result of a GEP2 programme.

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