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Goldsworthy: The art of nature


Ester Cintas, Raquel Solanellas i Rosa Vilaseca
Ester Cintas, Raquel Solanellas i Rosa Vilaseca
Àlex Tomico


4 de març de 2022

COM [1] ENT [1] ANG [2] ART [2]

EI.3-6 [2] EP.CM [2] EP.CS [2]



This project is designed to be applied to four different groups of students. For all of them, the driving question is the same: How can Art highlight the connection between humans and nature? However, the way they start the project is different. Students from Early Years start the project by guessing what’s in a Mystery Box (natural elements). Students from 3rd Grade start watching a video and reflecting on what they think that the artist in the video is trying to reflect. Finally, students from 6th Grade start the project answering a Kahoot, which allows them to integrate the new content. This project is a result of a GEP2 programme.

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