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My Family And I


Montse Irun
Montse Irun
Montserrat Irun


17 de març de 2020

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Ready for ESO

ANG [9]

EP.CS [4] ESO.1 [5]

Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Eines TIC Imatge, so i vídeo


Students work on the comprehension and expression of personal information both orally and in written form. Family description is also one of the contents of the unit and this is done from the reflection on what other famous families are like. Apart from the study of the vocabulary related to the family and personal information, linguistic structures such as "possessives" and verbs "to be" or "to have" are also studied in this unit. All this language work helps students be able to write an e-mail to his/her penfriend where all his/her new knowledge is put into practice.

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