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Reading strategies with "Zorro!"


Montse Irun, Dolors Permanyer i Susanna Soler
Montse Irun, Dolors Permanyer i Susanna Soler
Montserrat Irun


10 de gener de 2011

ANG [3]

ESO.1 [3]

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The aim of this series of activities is to make students reflect on the most effective reading strategies and techniques according to the reading purpose. Thus, helping them become better readers Students are able to put into practise what they learn as the activities guide them to use the most appropriate strategy to solve the activity.

You can find pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading activities of the A2 Reader from the Green Apple, Black Cat Series “Zorro!” The choice of such a popular story helps students to pay attention not only to the strategies used but to the language as well. However most of the activities can also be used with any other reader even if the teacher will have to adapt them to the plot of the reader.

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