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New York, New York
New York Twilight


Montse Irun
Montse Irun
Montserrat Irun


10 de gener de 2011

ANG [4]

ESO.1 [4]

Eines TIC Gestió d'informació Imatge, so i vídeo


The objective of this treasure hunt is to search for information on the geography, history and landmarks in New York City. Once the information is collected, students plan a two-day stay in New York City.

Students can work individually or in pairs. The treasure hunt presents all the questions students have to solve and also the links to find the answers. Students have to write down the answers on a text document, which will be handed in to the teacher. The planning for the two-day stay in New York may also be handed in in paper or could be presented to the rest of the class, who could choose the most complete stay, the funniest, the cheapest, etc.

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