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A race, an aim, a logo A Roman Town: Tarraco A sustainable garden Animals around the world Arduino Bits Are flies homosexual? Biogenesis & Spontaneous generation CLIL initiation through Claude Monet Colours Decoding World War II Discovering Shapes & The mysteries of Measure Discovering tastes from around the world! Discovering the polyhedra Dissection of the mammalian eye Diversity challenge Express ART us!(1) Express ART us!(2) Express ART us!(3) Famous Physicists Feudal Social Structure First steps in a long walk. The Solar System Freak out Frida Kahlo Genetic inheritance GEP's practices. P.E Guess who Happy to live, live to be happy Help bees in Sabadell How can we improve our neighbourhood? How can we improve the healthy habits of our community? How can we make our school less noisy? How do cows make milk? How do organisms reproduce? How does plastic affect in our lives? Human impact on ecosystems In the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh Is the air we breathe healthy enough? Fossil fuels and their impact on the environment Keep calm and count with us Leave a print of Pythagoras. Let's eat healthier at Abat Marcet Let's enjoy Gaudí in a responsible way Let's enjoy Gaudí in a responsible way! Let's help bees Let's read the sky Let’s be healthy! Deciding our school menu Let’s create our Pablo Picasso’s Museum! Let’s fun during break time! Making quadratic function approachable Matters and mixture Medieval art and architecture, forces Music time Olympic, modern and traditional games Orieenting. Don't get lost and play badminton. Our Polish friends Richard's Hamilton. British Pop Art Safe sex: a life choice Save water Space exploration Sports Stay Healthy Stay Healthy! Tàpies inspires us The 5 Kingdoms The Ancient Egypt The animal kingdom and endangered animals The Color The ecological footprint. Global warming The little Prince visits the Earth The Roman Empire and us The school waste is in our hands! The secrets of The Periodic Table of Elements: Leonardo da Vinci The Universe The warm-up Together to be friends Torroja news We have a big problem Welcome to Cerdanyola What's inside the paintings? Who is who. Knowing Baroque Music. Year 6 Farewell party